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These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding CSGO VertigoBoosting:

No you do not need to give your account details. All of our CSGO boosts are done with you in the lobby. You will get simply get invited by our global elite boosters and start your boosting.

No you cannot. It is impossible for your account to get banned for not following the guidelines of VAC/Overwatch, as you are not in violation of any of their terms and are simply playing against legitimate CSGO accounts unaffiliated with your own. As no one in the lobby will report you, there is no chance of you being overwatch or VAC banned.

VertigoBoosting is a newly developed and highly effective CSGO boosting service, which provides customers with the ability to play against appropriately ranked bot accounts. All of these accounts remain AFK during the CSGO boosting process, requiring minimal action to be taken by the customer, as all they need to do is kill our bots in the enemy team. This allows VertigoBoosting to stand among the cheapest and fastest providers of CSGO rank boosting for individuals hoping to acquire their dream rank. It is a completely safe CSGO boosting service that belittles the risk of its customers getting VAC banned. As ‘Vertigo’ is the least played map in CS:GO, our high ping-dedicated matches make it very easy for customers to queue alongside and play against our bots. With our boosting service, under no circumstances are your account details requested or used. In fact, it is not even required that you add our bots as friends if that is what you prefer.

While there have been many circulating rumours that VertigoBoosting has been patched, we can confirm that this is certainly not the case. There is no way to completely patch the processes carried out by VertigoBoosting in its provision of cheap and reliable CSGO boosting services. VertigoBoosting continues to work and improve the accessibility of CSGO rank boosting for anyone seeking to acquire their desired rank, while maintaining its strong quality of professionalism.

  1. One of VertigoBoosting’s staff establishes two ranked lobbies in a low-popularity, high ping region.
  2. After receiving an invite from one of our cs:go boosting accounts, all that you have to do is change your in-game latency settings according to your VertigoBoosting assistant’s request.
  3. In doing so, no account details are required to be shared, and the two ranked lobbies are subsequently matched against one another in the most optimal CS:GO map.
  4. While all 9 of our bot accounts remain AFK, all that you have to do is kill the 5 AFK bots in the evemy team and enjoy your quick CS:GO rank boost.

Simply click here and enter your current CSGO rank as well as your desired rank. As soon as this is completed, all that we ask from you next are some basic details: your Steam profile URL, your Email address and your Discord account username (the primarily application we use for contacting customers), and finally asking that you reiterate your requested service which has already been filled out depending on your previously made proceedings. Upon doing so, our staff will contact you as soon as possible and your CSGO rank boost will be shortly after executed.