How long does a VertigoBoost take?

The fastest CS:GO Boosting method ever created!

For VertigoBoosting, a boosting session can take up to 20 minutes, but normally takes around 12-15 minutes. Through the utilisation of our own boosting panel, matches dedicated for boosting can be easily set up. We know how frustrating it is to be in a lobby with players who don't take competitive CS:GO matches seriously, trolling or lacking the dedication to perform. VertigoBoosting solves all of these issues, as the enemy you are facing consists of bots from our provided service, spinning AFK in their spawn to prevent your disturbance. Our premium VertigoBoosting services guarantee a smooth rankup without toxic players and smurfing enemy teams. It is our duty to set a calm and controlled environment for any CS:GO player to get boosted all the way up their dream rank, providing a reliable alternative to painfully grinding in publicly ranked CS:GO lobbies.