Is CSGO Boosting safe?

CSGO Boosting is a popularly discussed topic in many gaming spaces. Whether its thanks to the curiosity surrounding a boost, or the viability of being pummeled to a higher rank, boosting remains a particularly interesting topic.

Due to the nature of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game is extremely competitive, and it remains at the top spot among the best First Person shooter games on PC. As a tactical shooter, the gameplay requires a lot of thought and preparation before every encounter. Knowing these nuances and strategies will help differentiate the pros from regular players.

However, CSGO is undeniably a team game, so it is virtually impossible to win every game on your own. While teamed up with an inexperienced group of players, CSGO is extremely frustrating. If you are facing this sort of problem, a CSGO Boosting service is a great idea to implement!

Why Vertigo Boosting is safe

As far as CSGO Boosting services go, VertigoBoosting is an efficient option. With, your account details are not necessary at all. Through an innovative and unique form of CSGO boosting, you can achieve a higher rank within 20-30 minutes of gameplay.

This is achievable thanks to the automated lobbies where you play alongside bots against other bot opponents. This will make you undetectable from overwatch bans. Thanks to the fact that the match entirely consists of bots facing each other, players cannot report you. Additionally, you will also get to win a 100% of the CSGO competitive games you play, catapulting you to a much higher rank in a nick of time. With any rank you want, Vertigo CSGO Boosting can get you there in less than 24 hours.

Unlike regular CSGO boosts where you have to give your account to another player, The bad teammate and cheater/hacker enemy combo are completely removed from your gameplay, and a third party players does not need to access your account, all you do it join our lobby and play.

Rank up faster than ever!

CSGO Boosting with will help your account accumulate XP to level up quicker than ever. You can save a lot of time in sweaty lobbies and stick to the real players once you’ve purchased CSGO Boosting. In CSGO, there is a requirement for players to reach a certain account level before they are allowed to queue up for competitive mode. As someone that is already proficient in the game, facing this barrier is a chore that is easily solved with an efficient CSGO boost in less than 24 hours, instead of playing for over a week. is the top option for players that value time efficiency. Why waste time on a 60% win rate CSGO boost that takes over 48 hours, when you could use a completely faster, better and overwatch ban-free method?