Why you should buy CSGO Boosting?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a competitive first-person shooter (FPS) game, widely known as CS: GO. CS: GO is the latest release in the Counter Strike series, attracting an average of 11 million users per month from its launch in 2012 on. The game is available on Windows , macOS, Xbox and Playstation but the game is played on PC by all professionals.

The game is played with two teams of five in a single map, with each team having to fulfill certain objectives in order to win. One team plays the role of the Counter-Terrorists (CTs), while the other is the Terrorists (Ts).

There are several game modes available but in five-on-five Competitive mode, professional and higher ranked games always played. In this mode, the attacking Terrorists must either plant and detonate a bomb at a location-site (usually A or B) or defeat all five of the Counter-Terrorists to win a round. When it is planted, the CTs must defuse the bomb, or take all five of the Ts out to win the round.

Is CSGO Boosting worth it?

When you are CSGO Boosting, you are using a service in which a top-tier player logs in to your account and plays on your behalf. But this method of CSGO Boosting is unpredictable, and sometimes, Valve might decide to crack down on boosted accounts thanks to the report system and overwatch bans. Additionally, there is also the factor concerning the relatively long time a boost can take. For higher ranks, boosts will take a bit longer to complete (usually over 48 hours). Also there is a chance the booster might be using hacks on your account

With vertigoboosting.com, there is a whole new spin on how CSGO Boosting works. By pairing you up with CSGO bots, your account details are not needed. Instead, you are spawned into lobbies of these CSGO boosting bot accounts. This guarantees a win 100% of the time. Additionally, you’ll also enjoy quick games that take less than 8 minutes. This makes it possible to reach a new CSGO rank within 20-30 minutes of gameplay. With this CSGO boosting method your account is safe from getting banned and you don’t need to give any details to anyone.

When you win in 8 minutes in a fully CSGO boosting bot lobby, there is no risk of being affected by overwatch bans or reports. Your account is also completely safe throughout the CSGO boosting process, and you can watch your XP and rewards reach your account in real-time.

Through vertigoboosting.com, CSGO Boosting is much easier and safer than ever. For players that want to face competitive opponents and level up quickly, this method helps you do that without being invasive to other lobbies or your account. What more could we ask for?